Private Wine Tours in Italy

Enjoy a unique experience with a wine tour that’s tailor-made for you.

What is a private wine tour

A private wine tour is unlike any other tour. It is a unique and custom-made event, a genuine mix of refinement, originality, and tailor-made passion.

A private wine tour is born out of our creativity and our long-standing relationships with small producers, artisans, hosts, restaurant owners and locals.

A private wine tour requires more work from our side, but it is well worth it – it is bound to become an unforgettable, formative, and fun experience for all participants.

Why choose our private wine tour

Artisanal Wines

A wine which promotes a cornucopia of different varieties and styles, celebrating indigenous grapes and produced following local traditions. These are genuine wines united by the same core principles and techniques, wines made with local grapes, created with revived local tradition and savoir faire.


Our values begin with the human factor – This is the foundation of our philosophy. In our experience living the good life depends largely on the people we choose to surround ourselves with.


Italy is a country blessed with a rich and generous biodiversity: from fields to grapevines, from olive groves to orchards, from gardens to meadows, forests, seas and mountains, everywhere you turn there is something to enchant you.


We look forward to introducing you to a world of "good, clean and right" things, as Slow Food Italy calls them. Our values stand for sustainable practices: ones that take everything into consideration, from the environment and agriculture to the core values shared by a community.

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Here's what our travellers
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testimonial one

Lovely day, lovely wines! - Anna from Massachusetts


Our group of 16 took a day-long wine tour with Barbara while we were in Tuscany. I worked with Barbara to plan the trip, and she handled all the arrangements, which included transport, 2 vineyards and a stop for lunch. She’s warm and informative, and brought us to family-owned, boutique vintners, where we tasted exceptional wines. One of us shipped 3 cases home!! I highly recommend Barbara – her personal touch makes the day special, and her knowledge of the Chianti region is unparalleled. Thanks, Barbara!!

testimonial two

Olive Harvest trip, and so much more! - Ava from United Kingdom


What a lovely tour. Before I went I’d thought it a bit of an expensive trip, Now I think it was fantastic value for money. All the places we visited were not places I would have found on my own. Such interesting visits. And the food was amazing. Restaurants you could never find without Barbara’s insider knowledge and contacts. And they coped with all our dietary requirements. That’s was thanks to Barbara’s organisational skills! Interesting and educational. And I am an organic wine convert! Not to mention the black celery, what a speciality! Highly recommended. (And a lovely safe driver in Stephano too).

Fantastic food and activities - Fiona from United Kingdom


Barbara had arranged the perfect itinerary, and was very astute in picking up our needs and making small changes. Different individual needs of the group were no problem. The choice of places to eat, accompanying wines, and trips to the olive harvest, saffron farm, winery were amazing. Highly recommend.

Lovely day spent with new friends at wine tour with Barbars - M. from Canada


I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a group of 6 others for this very informative and highly enjoyable wine tour with the tour owner/operator Barbara. We were picked up from our hotel in Perugia and comfortably driven to a lovely little winery where we sampled regional wines, small tastes of meat, cheese and delicious jam, and extra virgin olive oils which the winery also manufactured. Our vineyard host (and her sweet dog who escorted us both into and out of the property) was very welcoming and educational. Had a delicious fresh fig from one of their trees as well.
After that, we were driven to a beautiful restaurant in the region for one of the best lunches I had in Umbria — lots of fresh amazingly tasty food and more regional wine!
And finally, more wine tasting and tour at a very different, modern winery nearby.
A wonderful experience and a terrific way to spend a day with new friends. Thank you Barbara for a great job of putting our tour together. I strongly recommend your services.
Grazzi and Ciao.

The best travel decision I have ever made! - Alison from Pennsylvania


Words will not be able to give proper justice to the most amazing four days we spent with Barbara in Umbria! The Pasta and Vino Tour was more than we (2 couples in their 30s) could have ever expected. The tour was adventurous yet relaxing, delicious, and extremely educational. Barbara is an expert not only of the geography of the region, but also its incredible offerings, mainly wine, olive oil, and food! She was so informative and fun to be with. I cannot wait to return to Italy and book another tour with Barbara. Highly recommended – it will be the best part of your trip.

Every day was different, and fun and interesting! - Sarah Rheault


We where a small group, just 4 of us 3 from USA and one from England for 5amazing days in Umbria for a Porchetta tour. We stayed at Alla Madonna del Piatto in sight of Assisi as guest of our gracoius hostess Letizia, We had coking lessons with her and then ate what we had cooked on the terrace over looking a beautiful valley of olives and other plants.  Every day was different, and fun and interesting, Our guide Barbara was wonderful and we had a lot of time to explore the villages we visited and also time to eat and drink and laugh always with a focus on Pork , the pigs and how they lived, how they where prepared for the festival, deboned and stuffed with herbs and salt and pepper and then wrapped and roast . The festival was amazing and we tried pork from many parts of Italy . Everyone was fun to be with and helpful with our questions , we also had a fine driver and visited vineyards too.

How our private wine tour works


In your inquiry e-mail make sure you include your place of accommodation, number of guests and any dietary restrictions or allergies. 


Pick up at your accommodation at 9:30 AM or in the afternoon at 3:00 PM according to the terms of our agreement. The tour runs for about 7 hours.

Standard Program

The program involves visiting two great producers of artisanal wine. The experience will begin in the vineyards, continue with a tour of the cellar, and conclude with a wonderful tasting of different wines.

Personalize Program

It is possible to include visits to other local producers specializing in craft beer, olive oil, cheese, chocolate, saffron, cured meats, porchetta.

Who we are

Barbara D'agapiti

The story begins in 2011 when Wine Link Italy was founded as a services agency for tourism.

Wine Link Italy now offers a profitable decade of experience in this specialized field. Our services have been enriched by passion, energy, human contact, creativity, ideas, trips, training, research, and constant evolution.

Travelers from all over the world have enjoyed our custom tours and along the way we have successfully catered to many different cultures from the USA to Canada, Australia, India, Russia, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Siberia, China, Estonia, Singapore and Cuba.

Wine Link Italy is primarily based in Umbria where our knowhow first developed and where our relationships to the community are stronger and our bond with the land is the deepest. 

However, over the last ten years we have also created custom made tours based on Eno gastronomic and cultural experiences in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Abruzzo and Piemonte. Our knowledge has now been extended to include all these areas outside of our native Umbria.

Throughout these many regions Wine Link Italy also acts as a local facilitator and ground operator, offering specialized services and in-depth knowledge of the territory to tour operators and travel agencies (see B2B section).

Our mission is to introduce our guests and travelers to the experience of genuine local Eno gastronomic culture and craftsmanship, providing direct access to the local communities and generating a knowledge of artisanal wine and sustainable food.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure you include the following details in your inquiry e-mail: place of accommodation, number of guests, any dietary restrictions, or allergies, and whether you have any prior knowledge of artisanal wines. To set the date and continue with the tour reservation a down payment of the total sum will be required via PayPal (subject to a 5% commission fee).


We will be picking you up at your accommodation in the morning (9:30 AM) or the afternoon (3:00 PM) of the appointed day, according to your preferences. If you choose to depart in the morning, we shall return around 4:00 PM. If on the hand you prefer to tour during the afternoon we shall be returning after dinner around 9:30 PM. The car or minibus transfers will have a maximum duration of approximately 50 minutes each way.

The program is designed to feature two of the best artisan wine makers in the region of choice, a walk in the vineyards and the winery (often limited production wineries) before starting on the wine tasting, which will be accompanied by bread, cured and/or smoked meats, local olive oil and/or other local specialties. 

During some of the tours we will have the opportunity to lunch or dine with the winemakers and their families. We like to take it slow. So, prepare to indulge in this communal experience for approx. 90 minutes. 

We can include visits to as many of these local producers as you wish. Name your product/s of interest, we will find them and take you there, too. 

We also offer guided tours to local craft studios and ateliers, festivals and/ or any kind of typical local cultural event which might prove to be interesting. 

These extra activities can either substitute one of the winemakers in the original program or can be added to complement the regular schedule. Please consider that this would prolong the initial timeline by 2 – 3 hours and would entail an additional fee for the extra services.

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